How YOU can Help

In the Past, Inmate's Tithed to their church
In the early years of this ministry, it was exciting to see the inmates who attended chapel services to actually tithe part of their meager prison job earnings to help sponsor missionaries and Bible translators working in other countries. Today, it is not allowed for them to tithe so they support the ministry inside with their prayers and spirit.

Pastors to Prisoners is a California non-profit. Gifts made to Pastors to Prisoners are tax deductible. Contributors have the option of expressing specific in the work of one or more of our pastors.

We also pray that the Lord will bring more potential Yard Pastors to us. We invite you to "Come and See" our ministry in action by visiting one of the prisons and attending Chapel services with the inmates and the Yard Pastor.

If God is calling you to help in this ministry, please follow His call by helping us in any way you can. Below are ways that you can help.

  • Donations by Check
    Make checks payable to Pastors to Prisoners and send to PO Box 2757, La Mesa, CA 91942-2757. Checks made payable directly to the Yard Pastors cannot be receipted as tax deductible (for example, gifts for birthdays or other occasions).

    Here are some areas to which financial partners may wish to contribute: 1) Ongoing monthly support of an individual Yard Pastors; 2) Special projects such as Bibles, tracts, Christian videos, AV equipment for the chapels, etc.; 3) Special purpose funds such as a Yard Pastor's retirement.

  • Donations through Pay Pal

    Click on the Pay Pal button above to electronically donate to Pastors to Prisoners.

Want to donate time to the ministry or become a Yard Pastor?
"Here I am, Lord. Send me!" Click HERE to view our contact information so that you can apply to help in the ministry with your time, or to begin the process of becoming a Yard Pastor.

Want to visit a prison and see Pastors to Prisoners up close and personal? Here is how you do it at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, CA. You must attend an volunteer orientation held in the In-service Training (IST) Classrooms. Contact our ministry to get all the information on visiting. Attendance at the orientation is required to obtain a clearance into the prison.

Please note that shorts or blue jeans are not to be worn by volunteers; this includes those attending the Volunteer Orientation.