Our Church Environment - California State Prisons:
Pastors to Prisoners is a prison ministry. Our church is the yard chapel shared by several religious faiths, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Satanic. Usually there is a chapel on every yard where inmates can come and interact with the faith of their choice.

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Here is a typical California Prison
IMAGE 2-1: Lots of high fences and walls, topped with razor wire. That's were we find the men to whom we bring the message of hope and salvation through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lethal Electric Fences
IMAGE 2-2: Most prisons now are surrounded by an lethal electric fence. This electric fence is located between the inner fence and the outer fence as shown in this picture.

Locked gates and razor wire everywhere!
IMAGE 2-3: Here is a typical prison yard entrance. It is within these fences that members of our congregation are housed.

Gun Towers
IMAGE 2-4: Most of the time when an inmate is not in the chapel or in his cell, he is "under the gun" from guards stationed in high gun towers overlooking the yard and dining hall.

Pat Downs at every gate
IMAGE 2-5: Inmates are "patted down" at every gate as they enter or leave a yard. Inmates move through gates to get to visiting, work, or to go to another yard.

Walking the Track
IMAGE 2-6: When the yard is open, inmates can walk the track with friends. Lots of things can happen as they walk the track, good things and bad. For Christians, this is a great opportunity to talk and witness to other brothers and non-believers.