What's A Yard Pastor?

More than another Prison Volunteer
A Yard Pastor is a volunteer who has a special clearance from the prison administration to work principally on one yard housing approximately 1000+ men; to assist the institutional Protestant Chaplain by serving as pastor to the inmate congregation of the chapel on that yard or facility.

Here are some of the duties of a Yard Pastor

  • Conducting Sunday worship services
  • Supervising prayer meetings
  • Conducting Bible Studies
  • Hosting Christian videos
  • Escorting and facilitating volunteer groups
  • Helping with family death notifications
  • Offering individual Christian counseling
  • Conducting baptisms and other pastoral functions
  • Sponsoring the Chaplain's Inmate Advisory Council
  • Facilitating ongoing Kairos Prison Ministry functions
  • Working with inmate chapel clerks

Through changing lives, Yard Pastors help SAVE:
Money and Resources - Recidivism caused by the inevitable cycle of incarceration, release, despair, victimization, apprehension, conviction, and reincarceration is BROKEN.

Time - When a substantial portion of a prison yards population become "new creatures in Christ", the prison staff spends less time controlling irresponsible behavior.

Families - By teaching inmates to be accountable and responsible for their loved ones (Ephesians 5)

Lives - Both the inmates and their potential victims.

Yard Pastors ARE making a Difference!