July 26, 2011 – My experience on my first time visit to the chapel at RJ Donovan Prison – After speaking with my my wife about the “power” of the HolySpirit that was so evident on Sunday, I called my Dad. And I said, “Pop, the church is still alive, and ironic enough, it’s behind the prison walls at Donovan Prison. Government and State are beating us down as Christians in society and removing God from everything! Little do they know, the raw, awesome power of Our Father is being unleashed thru those (prisoners) that are broken and needy? We are free and have so much that we are often not humbled by God’s grace and comfort. Behind those walls you need him to survive each day! Roger, thank you for your persistence in calling me and encouraging me to be part of that awesome experience! I have not been to a Sunday service that has been so spirit filled in a long time (and I was part of the worship team at my church). I pray the Lord can use my musical talents and efforts for this. God Bless You Roger for your efforts and passion in this ministry.